Services of Test Engineering and Electronic Prototyping


Video about new SIATT facilities: Environmental Tests and Electronic Prototyping Laboratories that were inaugurated on June, 26th, 2018.

Test Enginnering


  • Product characterization or certification​
  • Main tests required according to MIL-STD-810​ (applicable to military products, but also applicable to​
    many commercial products) ​​
  • Environmental tests in own laboratories​
  • Tests in field, in flight, or at customer or third-party facilities

Environmental Tests

  • Temperature, Thermal Cycling and Thermal Shock Tests:​
    • Climatic Chamber - Angelantoni, model UY-1200​
    • Climatic Chamber - Angelantoni, model TY-1200 C/V​
  • Random and Sinusoidal Vibration Tests, and Mechanical Shock Tests:​
    • Shaker - LDS, model V875​
    • Shaker - LDS, model V830​
  • Acceleration Tests:​
    • Centrifugue (own fabrication)​
  • Combined / Other Tests​
  • Sophisticated Sensors and Resources for Data Acquisition/Transmission

Electronic Prototyping


Small-scale manufacturing of equipment or devices composed of:​

  • Electronic PCBs with conventional components and SMD​
  • Radio frequency components and circuits​
  • High complexity wiring and cable sets​
  • Mechatronics integration