About Us

Company specialized in the integration of systems with high technological content, which provides solutions to the demands of the defense and aerospace sectors.


• Intelligent Weapons such as missiles, guided bombs, etc.
• Integration of intelligent weapons to platforms for aircrafts, tanks, ships, land vehicles etc.
• Radars and Sensors.
• Avionics Systems/Equipment

Our trajectory to this day:

1991 - It all started when the founding partners of SIATT created the Mectron Company, in order to design, certify, produce and maintain defense and aerospace products such as missiles, sensors, communication systems and subsystems for satellites.
2007 - The BNDES – National Bank for Economic and Social Development joined Mectron as an investor partner, sponsoring the development of technologies for integration of avionics systems, necessary for installation of defence products on aeronautical platforms.
2011 - The Odebrecht group acquired the shares of BNDES and part of the shares of the founders, taking control of Mectron. After 4 years in control, the group concentrated its efforts on other markets and put on sale other assets, including Mectron.
2015 a 2017 - After the founders of Mectron moved away from the company, the SIATT was born as a company with the purpose of giving continuity to the projects developed successfully over the last 25 years, also developing new projects in the Defence and Aerospace markets, maintaining its technical team and the technologies proven to be developed in Brazil.

We proudly present our team!
We are more than 60 collaborators, predominantly qualified engineers with huge experience and expertise in the sector.

Colaboradores da SIATT e representantes dos clientes em visita à empresa.